Vetements X Levi's jeans expose bare butt & WTF?

Just when I thought 2017's denim trends couldn't get any more insane, Vetements unveils a new pair of jeans that literally exposes your entire butt. If you thought Re/Done's "High-Rise Ass Rip Jeans" (the ones Kylie Jenner was living in) were cray, wait until you see these!


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Vetements' new bare butt jeans are hands down the craziest most impractical pair of denims yet. The jeans apparently are part of an upcoming Vetements X Levis collaboration. The French fashion brand shared a sneak peek of the new item on their Instagram. The zippers are placed down the back of the legs and right on the butt, which when unzipped, literally shows off your butt cheeks along with a little crack. 

Sure, it's an innovative design but it also makes no kind of sense. For starters, who wants to walk around showing this much of their butt? And if you live in a metropolitan area like NYC, imagine sitting on the train with your bare butt exposed? Um, gross! I also can't imagine these denims actually being comfortable. Wait, why were these invented again?

It gets worse. These butt-exposing jeans don't come cheap. They cost $1,870. In other words, we'll probably only see Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner wearing them. Let's not forget how much Kylie loved those Re/Done's "High-Rise Ass Rip Jeans" that practically broke the internet. I'm just saying.

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