You won't believe Kim Kardashian's outfit for a recent date night

I think it's fair to assume that Kim Kardashian is going for a very different aesthetic these days. Since her Paris robbery, the reality star has been spotted in comfy casual clothes. Just this week she was seen on a date with husband Kanye West, sporting a red and black plaid flannel shirt over a black top and baggy sweatpants. Her outfit looked like something she borrowed from Kanye's closet. Before the robbery Kim would have never walked out of the house in something like this.


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Kim's style has drastically changed since the traumatic robbery. The girl used to rock a full face of makeup, super revealing clothing and bling on the regular. Now she rocks minimal makeup that looks almost bare faced, wears her hair down and straight every day, and her wardrobe is as simple and casual as it comes. Kim also hardly wears jewelry. She's occasionally seen sporting simple necklaces or bracelets. But no earrings and definitely no diamond rings. 

Last Thursday she was seen a little more dressed up wearing a black blazer that showed cleavage paired with ripped boyfriend jeans and heeled sandals. But her hair, makeup and jewelry was still very minimal. Even the new photos she's been posting to her IG are super simple and modest.

Who is this person? It looks like we're looking at a whole new Kim--at least for now!

Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram & Grosby 

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