Kim Kardashian just took her sheer game to a whole new NSFW level

Kim Kardashian is really going out of her way to own this whole nip-revealing look. Just this week she was spotted at a Paris Fashion Week show sporting a black sheer bandeau bra that literally showed all of her nipples. Seriously, why does she even bother wearing clothes?



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Kim is clearly obsessed with see-through clothes. That's obvious. But she's taken it to a whole new level this season sporting pieces that deliberately reveal nipple.

This is far from the first time she's gone sheer. A few days before that she was seen leaving the Givenchy store in Paris, in a sheer corset top (that revealed just as much) paired with jogging pants. And just yesterday she sat front row at Balmain's show wearing a netted charcoal gray, halter-neck dress with holes all over it.  She's also been quite unapologetic about her nipple-revealing outfits.

"I have always loved sheer--I just don't GAF, LOL," she wrote on her app earlier this month. Clearly, because she's been on a roll, including the sheer jumpsuit and jogging pants she was caught wearing during New York Fashion Week. And let's not forget that Kim Kardashian has practically made a career out of being naked. When she isn't wearing sheer outfits, she's actually posing naked for us either in a selfie or for a photo shoot. Nudity is kind of her thing.

I'm surprised she hasn't been asked to participate in one of those Free the Nipple-like campaigns. Homegirl would have absolutely no problem walking around topless. 

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