SEE: Kim Kardashian's latest faja looks like a major mistake

kim kardashianKim Kardashian is all about getting that cintura snatched. It's no secret that the KUWTK star loves fajas and she has no shame about rocking them in public. Mrs. West was snapped wearing a black leather corset over a long t-shirt and the look is just a little too WTH. Take a look for yourself. 


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kim kardashian

Kim resurfaced after her Taylor Swift drama wearing this no-nonsense faja that slims down her waist to almost nothing. The thing even has cups to hold her boobs in place! I mean, is she trying to make fajas an outerwear trend?

This is one of the nicest fajas I've ever seen, and it works with her look, but what real woman would want to rock her faja out in the streets like this? Close to none. 

The reality star has never been shy about her love for waist-training, so here's more proof. Kim is all about fajas--something our abuelitas have been swearing by for decades. Kanye West may have made Taylor Swift "Famous" in his track, but Kim can't claim the same for the faja

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