SEE: Selena Quintanilla rocked the off-the-shoulder trend before it became a thing

The off-the-shoulder style has been one of the biggest fashion trends I've seen all year. It went from a breezy, boho runway trend to becoming a summer wardrobe. I wouldn't be surprised if we continue seeing it throug the fall. But Selena Quintanilla was rocking off-the-shoulder tops before it officially became a thing.


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I did a little browsing on Giphy (I can't help it-- I love GIFs), only to stumble upon an old school image of Selena rocking a classic white, off-the-shoulder top in an interview. I think it's fair to assume this was earlier in her career because she's wearing the shoulder-length bob she used to sport before she got really famous. 

Off-the-shoulder tops have been popular in Latin America, especially Mexico for years. Mexican artist Frida Kahlo used to rock them all the time. Selena clearly enjoyed embracing her Mexican roots, whether it was through music or fashion. I've been a huge fan of this trend, but it has even more meaning now that I know that the queen of Tejano music used to sport it, too. 

Image via Selena Quintanilla Forever/Instagram 

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