woman with a broken shoe heelThanks to some advice from mi abuela, plus tips I collected on Pinterest, I have hacks to the most common clothing and shoe disasters, like broken heels, unexpected stains and zipper drama. No need to say gracias. That is what amigas are for!

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Broken zipper 1

Broken zipper

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Even stars like Jennifer Lopez have gone through this. If your zipper won't stay up, put a small ring (like from a key ring) on the hole of the zipper pull and pull it over the button of your pants. If the zipper pull is stuck, try to lubricate it rubbing the graphite part of a pencil with it. You can also use lip balm, Windex or soap. 


Loose hem 2

Loose hem

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Your hem got stuck on something and now is loose. Or you need to use those gorgeous new pants now, but they are not hemmed. Don't worry. Duck tape can be handy. I prefer a couple of staples, though. They never fail me. If the pants are of a dark fabric, make sure to staple only the sides. But if you are already out of the house, don't forget to always carry with you some safety pins.


Somebody with your same dress 3

Somebody with your same dress

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I always have some sort of scarf on me. I usually wrap it around my handbag. It makes me look chic, but on occasion it's also helped me camouflage a blouse that happened to be exactly the same that my husband's ex was wearing to the same party. Awkward!!

Broken heel 4

Broken heel

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Crazy glue or glue for leather always helps quickly fix a broken heel. Chewing gum also works temporarily as a last resort. You have to chew it first, though. Sorry!


Wine stain 5

Wine stain

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If a drop of a splash of wine lands on your lap, cold water right away is the best remedy. Also, a little white wine (I don't know the chemistry behind it, but my abuela swears by it). Another remedy is to saturate the stain with salt.

Running pantyhose 6

Running pantyhose

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If you still use pantyhose on ocassion, your mom's solution still applies, have a spare pair nearby. But, if you only have that one pair, block the run with nail polish, hair spray or white glue.


Sudden see-through clothing 7

Sudden see-through clothing

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Your demure dress shows your body when standing in the wrong light or that top opens up more than you thought in certain positions. For the first situation, the best thing is to try to stay in the shadows. If you have a scarf handy, use it to cover yourself.  Same for the second case, but I also recommend using those safety pins I told you to keep in your purse at all times.

Grease stain 8

Grease stain

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If an empanada or anything greasy falls on you, don't panic. Just apply some dishwasher soap on the stain. It removes the grease out of fabric as well as it does on dishes. A temporary remedy is to apply talc, flour or chalk. Actually, carry some chalk in your purse. It'll come in handy. 


Wrong underwear 9

Wrong underwear

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If you didn't realize those adorable pants shows your pantyline in an unforgiving way or forgot to change your dark bra before leaving the house with a light color blouse, don't worry. Just remember to carry a scarf with you!

Blisters 10


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The best way to deal with blister is to prevent it. Besides carrying some band-aids, you can rub deodorant around the most blister-prone parts of your feet. It is the only way I can wear a pair of adorable, but deadly sandals.