New Year's wouldn't be complete without some champagne, a midnight kiss and, of course, a stylish way to welcome in the new year. Dressing up for whatever New Year's Eve party you're going to is a must, and adding a touch of sparkle to your outfit will make your outfit truly pop. Try one of these 10 sparkly accessories and you'll be toasting the new year in style.

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Fashion Phantom Gold Body Harness 1

Fashion Phantom Gold Body Harness

This unique full-body necklace will add some real pizzazz to your beautiful New Year's Eve outfit. 

Available on, $19.


Sequin-embroidered Clutch Bag 2

Sequin-embroidered Clutch Bag

You'll need to put your cellphone and keys somewhere, so why not make sure you get the prettiest, sparkliest bag around?

Available on, $15.


Faux Gemstone Ear Cuff 3

Faux Gemstone Ear Cuff

This really cool ear cuff is simply dazzling, and we love the way it adds so much sparkle to any outfit. Bonus: it'll look great if you put your hair up!

Available on, $6.

Pick of the Glitter Flat 4

Pick of the Glitter Flat

If you're looking for a little subtle sparkle in a not-so-typical color, go for these stunning blue flats. They're simply adorable!

Available on, $40. 


Gateau Cuff 5

Gateau Cuff

A good bracelet can be a fantastic pop of sparkle with any outfit. This cuff makes a statement, and it's a good one, too.

Available on, $48.


Sparkly Metallic Knit Scarf 6

Sparkly Metallic Knit Scarf

If you're going to be spending some time in the cold this New Year's, then having an accessory that helps to keep you warm is going to be very needed.

Available on, $38.


Collective Ring Set 7

Collective Ring Set

This adorable, matching ring set will glam up any evening look. Wear a couple or all of them for that added sparkle at any party.

Available on, $24.

Glitter Bug Stacy 8

Glitter Bug Stacy

You might have never known that what you really need in your life is a glittery pink bag, but here it is. You know what to do!

Available on, $68. 


Designsix Exclusive Opal Hair Chain 9

Designsix Exclusive Opal Hair Chain

This isn't your typical headband. Instead, dress up your hair this year with this unique hair chain that will add sparkle to any outfit.

Available on, $26.

Michael Antonio Leje 10

Michael Antonio Leje

It's easy to find gold or silver heels to wear on New Year's, but what about something with more subtlety? These black heels with some sparkle in the back are just what we need.

Available at, $49.