virgen de guadalupeFor more than 500 years, La Virgen de Guadalupe has been a beacon of hope and faith for many Catholic Latinos. But today, she represents so much more. Among many things, our Lady of Guadalupe is also a fashion icon that allows us and the rest of the non-Hispanic world to celebrate our culture in so many ways that have nothing to do with going to church!

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Image via Corbis

Baby dress 1

Baby dress

Image via Etsy

This adorable toddler dress, made by JM Handmade at Etsy, costs $35.


Cap 2

This cap and others with the Guadalupana image can be purchased for $12.39 on Ebay.


Cuffs 3


Image via Pinterest

This vintage Lady of Guadalupe cuff, from, can even become an heirloom. Not bad for $69.95.

Apron 4

I bet that cooking with this apron will make your food much more flavorful. It's $36 at Olivia by Design.


Socks 5


Image via Stance

Nuestra Señora isn't just in your heart--she can adorn your feet. These socks, at, are $14.


Boots 6


Image via Rocket Buster

Gorgeous, over the top and without a set price yet, but I thought you would want to see them. Check with Rocket Buster for more details.


Handbag 7


Image via Poshmark

Carry your Latino pride everywhere with this great bag, from Poshmark, for just $20.

Nail decals 8

Nail decals

Image via ChaCha covers

If you want La Morenita at your fingertips, these nail decals cost just $6 at ChaCha covers.


Bustier 9


Image via Showboat Clothing

This whimpsical design of our Lady of Guadalupe beyond unique. Buy it for $36 at Showboat Clothing.

Necklace 10

This gorgeous colorful pendant is made by Missing Pieces Studio and costs only $11.