Tacos are wonderful. You know it. I know it. And probably all of your friends and family know it, too. You might be searching for that perfect present for your taco-loving loved ones, so what do you do? Lucky for you, we've found the best gifts. From taco earrings to a taco holder to a tortilla wrap for your baby (hehe!), you'll even want to get one (or seven) of these for yourself. 

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Image via Etsy

Taco Socks 1

Taco Socks

Photo via UncommonGoods

These socks make me want to throw out all of the boring old white ones I have.

UncommonGoods.com, $10. 


Tacos Cookbook 2

Tacos Cookbook

Photo via Amazon

Incredible NYC chef Alek Stupak's Tacos: Recipes and Provocations is a revelation of great information. 

Amazon.com, $19.


6-Shot Tequila Set 3

6-Shot Tequila Set

Photo via Amazon

Tacos and tequila go together like queso and guayaba.

Amazon.com, $91.

Make Tacos Art Print 4

Make Tacos Art Print

Photo via Etsy

This pretty art print is sure to brighten up any kitchen.

Etsy.com, $12.


Taco Truck Ornament 5

Taco Truck Ornament

Photo via Target

Now you can even decorate your tree with your taco love!

Target.com, $6.


Taco Cat Shirt 6

Taco Cat Shirt

Photo via Etsy

I want this. I need this. That is all. 

Etsy.com, $18. 


Love, Peace & Tacos Pan 7

Love, Peace & Tacos Pan

Photo via Target

Cooking will be MUCH more fun with this beauty.

Target.com, $10.

Taco Earrings 8

Taco Earrings

Photo via Etsy

Yes, I have these. And all of your taco-loving friends need them, too.

Etsy.com, $18.


Taco Tuesday Baby Tee 9

Taco Tuesday Baby Tee

Photo via Cafepress

Your baby (or your friend's baby) can now join the trend!

Cafepress.com, $20.

Taco Piñata 10

Taco Piñata

Photo via Target

Is there a better way to celebrate a birthday?!

Target.com, $15.


Taco Holder 11

Taco Holder

Photo via Amazon

How do you hold up those hard-shell tacos? With this, of course!

Amazon.com, $9.

Tortilla Baby Wrap 12

Tortilla Baby Wrap

Photo via UncommonGoods

Let's say it together: Aaaawwwwwwwww!

UncommonGoods.com, $48.


Taco Mug 13

Taco Mug

Photo via Cafepress

You definitely want to be drinking your cafecito out of this adorable mug.

Cafepress.com, $7.

Squats & Tacos Shirt 14

Squats & Tacos Shirt

Photo via Target

This is for your taco-loving friend who also loves to workout. Sometimes.

Target.com, $13.


Taco Booties 15

Taco Booties

Image via UncommonGoods

Don't YOU want to warm up your feet with tacos?!

UncommonGoods.com, $25.