If you're a proud and gorgeous plus-size lady, you know that sometimes it's difficult to find the best clothes. It's unfortunate, but it's an issue that we can do something about. In fact, celeb Rebel Wilson recently released a collaboration of stylish, affordable plus-size fashion items. Look inside your closet and make sure that you have all of the fashion pieces that every plus-size girl should own.

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Image via Corbis

Big Skirt 1

Big Skirt

Photo via hautelifeplus/Instagram

A gorgeous, big skirt is a must for every girl. Not only does it make you feel pretty, but it's a good piece for both work and the evening. Plus, getting one with thin, horizontal stripes is always flattering.


Leather Jacket 2

Leather Jacket

Photo via seralillycurve/Instagram

Every girl needs a good leather jacket, and one that's versatile to boot. The beauty of this jacket is that it goes with anything, from a sassy skirt to an evening look to a professional work outfit.


Date Night Dress 3

Date Night Dress

Photo via curvygirlsvip/Instagram

We all love a good date night and having a go-to dress for the occasion should be in everyone's closet. One that makes you feel like the prettiest girl in the world (because obviously you are) should do the trick.

Flattering Blouse 4

Flattering Blouse

Photo via amabil.mtl/Instagram

A good blouse is a fashion staple. Whether you wear it with a skirt for a brunch date with the girls or to the office on Monday morning, this must-have item should always be in your closet.


Go-With-Everything Scarf 5

Go-With-Everything Scarf

Photo via rosiexwaugh/Instagram

When the weather starts to turn chilly, putting on a scarf is your obvious choice. That's precisely why you need one that can go with any outfit, whether that's a casual jean jacket or a dark winter coat.


Colorful Dress 6

Colorful Dress

Photo via naomi_g/Instagram

Whether you're opting for dark florals like this one or something brighter, having a colorful dress in your closet is a necessity. The best part is you can wear it on gloomy days to make your life a little more fun.


Skinny Jeans 7

Skinny Jeans

Photo via cate.ayellah/Instagram

Jeans that make your butt look good? Yes, please! Finding a pair of skinny jeans that looks great isn't easy, but when you find that perfect pair, you'll know it. And you'll want to wear it constantly.

Gorgeous Coat 8

Gorgeous Coat

Photo via emmisnicker/Instagram

A classic white or black peacoat should immediately go on your shopping list if you don't already have one. From the flattering shape to the nice color, it'll make you feel gorgeous all winter long.


Classic Black Belt 9

Classic Black Belt

Photo via katiegkatieg/Instagram

Every girl knows that a classic black (and brown) belt can absolutely make an outfit. It helps to emphasize your waist, which always makes you look great. Whether you opt for a thin one or a thicker one, don't miss out!

Confidence-Boosting Bathingsuit 10

Confidence-Boosting Bathingsuit

Photo via curvygirlsvip/Instagram

You already know you can rock a one-piece OR a two-piece bathingsuit, no matter your size. The trick here is to find something that is both flattering and makes you feel really, really good. A solid color is always a safe bet.


Pretty LBD 11

Pretty LBD

Photo via anatxuchic/Instagram

Let's all admit it: having a Little Black Dress in the closet is an absolute MUST. And if we were all honest, we might have more than one. But that's okay, because this is the kind of fashion staple that you can't ever pass up.

Sassy Accessories 12

Sassy Accessories

Photo via gisellafrancisca/Instagram

Kicky boots, a nice purse, a statement necklace... All of it amounts to the beautiful accessories that you need to have. In order to make any of your outfits rock, don't forget to put on the last finishing touches.