Kylie Jenner wears scandalous outfit to family dinner (PHOTO)

kylie jennerKylie Jenner is 17 going on 35--at least that's what she looks like. The youngest Kardashian-Jenner sibling has been taking notes from her famous older sisters. She takes sexy selfies, has grown a bigger rear and cup size, and has even inspired a crazy teen lip challenge. What does a teen that has this much attention do with herself? Well, you throw on yet another scandalous outfit and go out to eat with your family. Does anyone else agree that this young girl is spiraling out of control? Wait until you see her outfit!


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I went with the Balmain booties. #BalmainHeadToToe

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When I was 17, there was no way on God's green earth that I would be allowed out of the house in an outfit this revealing. Her black shorts look like underwear and that top could serve as a strapless bra. I'm surprised she even had the decency to cover up with a jacket. Now, I don't think she should be bashed for her crazy behavior. She's a teen. And not just any teen--she's a teen who is rich and famous. She didn't start from the bottom like her Kardashian sisters claim they did (well, Kim literally did).

No, she has been living the cushy life for a while and now has to find her own fame and identity by matching up to her sisters' sexiness (and craziness). Calling Kris and Bruce Jenner! Why are they allowing their teen daughter to dress and look like this? It speaks volumes about their lack of parenting and what life lessons Kylie has learned so far in life. I wish she knew you don't have to dress like this to be sexy. Confidence comes from within and you don't have to look like one of the "klan" members to be someone in life.

Plumping your lips and wearing underwear outside just shows how badly she's looking for love and approval from everyone else around her. Hopefully one of the Kardashians sticks their heads out of the fame cloud to actually help this sister out.  

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