Kim Kardashian

You guys, Kim Kardashian was 26 years old when Keeping Up With the Kardashians first aired. To put that into perspective, as of October 21, 2019, Kim is 39 years old. That's 13 years of her being in the mega-spotlight. We've seen her go through so many changes personally, professionally, and style-wise. Kim's style evolution, in particular, has been incredibly fun to watch and we've got pictures to show you just how much her "look" has changed throughout the years.

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Kim has always been into fashion. She even used to work as Paris Hilton's stylist back in the days when Paris was on The Simple Life. Back then, Kim used to be into more colorful, frou frou clothing that had a sort of mall-ish appeal to it. We're not judging--she was young and that's not a bad time to be into mall brands.

Today, she's much more designer than department store and we know that has a lot to do with her husband, Kanye West, and his influence on her style. "Kanye's definitely inspired me to be a little bit more of an individual, she said on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians in 2018. "I think my style is just evolving and changing, and I think it should."

Here's a glimpse of Kim's style evolution in reverse...

The lady is in leather. 1

In this pic, Kim is headed to Ulta Beauty to check out her own beauty line. She appears to be wearing a leather ensemble with a hoodie underneath. Gone are the days when Kim would only wear skintight clothing.


Doing the casual thing. 2

It seems that Kanye's preference for casual looks has rubbed off on Kim. Here Kim is wearing sneakers designed by her hubby in October 2019. It's a good fall look.


Sleek bobs for two, please. 3

When Kylie Jenner turned 21, her big sis posted this picture of the two of them twinning in sleek bobs. They both look fabulous with shorter hair.

Barbie's future as imagined by Kim. 4

Kim captioned this photo "Futuristic Barbie." She posted it in August 2018 as part of a promo for her beauty line.



She caused a pink sensation. 5

When Kim colored her hair pink in March 2018, she had women running to salons trying to get the same look. It's not a look for everyone, but it worked on Kim.


Bo Derek called, she wants her cornrows back. 6

Kim got flak for wearing her hair in cornrows in January 2018. The look definitely calls to mind Bo Derek in the 1979 movie 10.


Wait, is that Cher? 7

No, that's Kim in 2017 looking a lot like Cher in the 1960s. It's a good look on both Kim and Cher.

She's multitasking in this pic! 8

Kim posted this photo on September 30, 2016, and wrote, "Hair flip & eye roll at the same damn time!" Can you do both at the same time?


Watch out Lady Godiva! 9

Lady Godiva is said to have ridden her horse naked with nothing but her hair covering her naughty bits. Back in August 2016, Kim could have done the same.

It's not always about the hair. 10

It's true that a lot of the time Kim uses her hair as an accessory, but sometimes she lets her actual accessories shine. Like in May 2016, when she pulled her hair back and let those earrings dazzle.


As blond as can be 11

Kim decided to surprise fans during Paris Fashion Week in 2015 with platinum locks. It's great that she's so adventurous when it comes to trying different hair colors.

The sun is out, no that's just Kim. 12

The sun is out, no that's just Kim.

Image via Splash

This look was a not a hit with everyone. Some called it a hot mess while others refer to it as chic.


Check her out with shoulder-length hair. 13

This style and length look phenomenal on Kim. Whenever she rocks a bob, we are so here for it!

She always looks great as a brunette. 14

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posted this photo in 2015 while in New York City. Her hair looks so good. 


She looks great in pink. 15

She looks great in pink.

Image via Splash

Kim was spotted modeling her long black tresses in a pink jumpsuit in 2014. Doesn't she look like pink perfect?

Who's that blonde? 16

Who's that blonde?


It's Kim! Kim got ultra-fit and trim after giving birth to daughter North West. Here she is shopping at Cartier back in 2014 with warm blond hair. 


Kim with blond hair and no makeup. 17

Kim with blond hair and no makeup.


Kim was snapped rocking lighter hair and no makeup during a run-in with the paparazzi in 2013. We love that although Kim is usually all glammed up, she's never been afraid to be seen without makeup.

This is what Kim wore to the 2013 Met Gala. 18

Kim was pregnant with her first child North West when she wore this Givenchy dress to her first ever Met Gala. She was mocked incessantly on social media for how she looked. People can be so cruel. In 2019, she reminisced about the experience on Twitter and wrote:

"Year 1- 2013 Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy. I was Kanye’s plus one & so nervous! I didn’t know anyone & I’m sure no one wanted me there lol. I did my own lipstick & the color is so off. I went home & cried after of insecurity but this is one of my fave looks now."


She's got that pregnancy glow. 19

She's got that pregnancy glow.


While Kim was pregnant with North in 2013, she loved wearing tight outfits that showed off her baby bump. She also cut bangs for a cute new pregnancy look. 

Kim's backside became her trademark. 20

Kim's backside became her trademark.


In 2012, the reality television star started rocking a fuller booty. No one except Kim is really sure how that booty got to be so grand.


Smiling and ready to greet! 21

Smiling and ready to greet!


Starting around 2011, it seems like Kim started getting Botox treatments. Not for nothing, but there seems to be something off with her smile in this picture.

From that time that Kim posed for that magazine. 22

Oh, you know the magazine we're talking about. The one that guys only subscribe to for the articles, but happens to have pictures of naked women in it, too. Yup, this is from Kim's 2007 shoot with Playboy magazine.


Lookin' all shimmery in satin. 23

Lookin' all shimmery in satin.


Kim looked great in this form-fitting dress she wore in 2007. The dress showed off her curves, which at the time were less curvy in some areas than they are now.

Partying with Paris Hilton. 24

Partying with Paris Hilton.


Here a pic of Kim dancing with her buddy Paris Hilton in 2006. Kim used to work hard for heiress Paris Hilton, but they would find time to play as well. Notice that back then Kim has a lot less to back up in the posterior area when she was dancing.


Remember when Kim looked like this? 25

Remember when Kim looked like this?


In 2006, the reality television star was wore cutesy outfits. Her faux tan was a little on the intense side back then.

Ice skating suits her. 26

Kim shared this throwback of herself with ice skates from when she was a little girl. She looks beautiful and so happy in this picture.


Lookin' all cute next to her sisters. 27

Here's a Christmas throwback alongside sisters Khloé and Kourtney. She was undeniably cute. They all were in their matching PJs.