Jennifer Lopez wears hideous dress on Nuestra Belleza Latina

Jennifer Lopez at Nuestra Belleza LatinaIt looks like 2015 is shaping up to be a pretty exciting year for Jennifer Lopez. Her new book True Love is selling like hot cakes, she had her first appearance on Univision's Despierta América this week, where she showed off her improved Spanish language skills, and now I'm hearing she paid a visit to the Nuestra Belleza Latina Mansion in Miami, Florida yesterday. This is HUGE and definitely a historical moment for her. But what I can't seem to wrap my head around is that crazy black and blue cut-out ensemble she decided to wear. What the hell was that? And what was she thinking?


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You may not realize it, but Jennifer Lopez hanging out at the Nuestra Belleza Latina Mansion is a pretty big deal. I already have my theories about the whole thing. First off, her career has been taking off big time. Her latest album, A.K.A (which released June 17, 2014), was a huge success, her book True Love has been doing great and let's not forget how she had a super successful NYE performance at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The girl is on fire!

Then she shows off her very much improved language skills on Despierta América proving to the world that, yes, she CAN do interviews and guest host appearances in Spanish. Plus, she's been a judge on American Idol and pretty much helped increase ratings. Could you imagine what she could do for Nuestra Belleza Latina? With that said, what in God's name was she wearing?

Jennifer Lopez at Nuestra Belleza Latina

Listen, I get that J.Lo was in Miami and wanted to show off some skin, but this outfit was ridiculous. The crop top featured unnecessary cut-outs that looked like something she picked up at a Pretty Girl store in the Bronx. Then the skirt  had this weird sheer paneling thing going on. What was that?

I can't see this outfit working for any occasion, let alone a visit to one of the biggest beauty pageant shows on Univision. Seriously, that's like going to a job interview wearing a club dress. J.Lo must be certain she has this gig in the bag because that was pretty ballsy of her to show up in this crazy outfit. I'm crossing my fingers she lands a job as one of the judges on the panel but let's cross our fingers she never shows up in something like this again!

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