tie me upWhile most chicas I know are busy worrying about what dress they're going to wear on New Year's Eve, I'm usually out ransacking just about every lingerie shop in a ten mile radius in search of the perfect pair of yellow or red panties. No, I'm not a crazy panty fiend. I just believe in the age-old superstition that wearing a pair of red undies at the stroke of midnight will ensure you a year filled with love and passion, and rocking a teeny, weeny pair of yellow bikinis (or boy shorts or whatever) will guarantee you have a prosperous and happy year. I'm not sure how it works, but I'm inclined to believe it has something to do with the fact that women can't help but to feel confident when wearing these sassy hues under their clothes, which in turn attracts good vibes and even better men. Just a thought.


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And even if you don't believe in this superstition, I suggest you still give the tradition at a whirl. I mean, you have to wear panties anyway. Why not rock a pair that may bring you good luck? What do you have to lose ... besides a little bad luck and your panties at the end of the night. Oops, I totally didn't just write that.

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