J.Lo: What's up with those ugly shoes on 'American Idol' last night?

I watch American Idol for exactly five seconds every episode, basically just long enough to see what Jennifer Lopez is wearing and to take full inventory of her hair and makeup. It's so much fun!

She reinvents herself week after week and even though I'm not really a big fan of the singing competition (sorry, partial to The Voice over here) I just have to see what she's wearing or else I feel like I've missed out. Also, we really love to rehash it the next day in the office, so how can I contribute to the bochinche-thon if I'm not well informed?


Well, I have to say something not so bueno to La Lopez about her fashion choices on last nights episode: I hated your shoes...so, so much!

Sure, I guess they were fashion forward. They were bright blue (one of the "It" colors of spring 2012) and we're covered in au courant studs, but perhaps it was just one trend too many? They also totally didn't go with your--awesome, I have to note--snakeskin print maxi-dress.

I was a bit disappointed to say the least but thank God we have many more weeks to work on our fashion relationship. I'm sure you will rock some amazing outfits down the road and more than redeem yourself. But please, until then, burn those heinous blue suede shoes. Only Elvis could love them. Thanks.

What did you think about Jennifer Lopez's look last night? Did you love those shoes?

 Image via Fox