Jennifer Lopez rocks SHOW-STOPPING dress for run-in with Ben Affleck

Chica, you HAD to see Jennifer Lopez at the 18th Annual Hollywood Film Awards on Friday! She looked absolutely stunning in this beautiful empire waist dress designed by one of her favorite designers, Zuhair Murad. I swear this guy designs with J.Lo's silhouette in mind because every piece she puts on fits her like a glove. This woman had all eyes on her the entire night. I don't know if it was the way that number perfectly hugged her curves, or the gorgeous black cutout bustier or that new single girl glow she's been sporting. All I know is that she was one hot mama!


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I loved everything about J.Lo's Zuhair Murad strapless. From the hip-hugging, pencil-skirt bottom to the sheer black floral embroidered bustier that was actually a lot more subtle than you'd think. Pointy black pumps and minimal accessories kept the look fresh and modern and don't get me started on that perfect red pout she was rocking!

Is it me or has J.Lo been looking even better since she announced her single status? She's clearly enjoying it because she's been looking sexy as hell lately. Hmmm, I wonder what her ex Ben Affleck thought. He was also at the award show and made a pretty awkward speech regarding his nude scene in Gone Girl--which J.Lo went to see by the way!

He might have broken her heart years ago, but she obviously cares about him enough to tweet a photo from the theater to show that she went to see and support his movie. "It was probably my first big heartbreak," she said in an interview on the Today show regarding her breakup with Ben. ¡Pobrecita!

Well, one thing is for sure, Jennifer definitely wore the right dress in case she ran into her ex. That dress said, "I'm the sexy, sophisticated single woman that got away" all over it!

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