Kim Kardashian's latex dress is her worst look EVER

Kim kardashianThis much can be said about Kim Kardashian: the woman knows how to work her naked curves. Now when it comes to actually dressing her hourglass figure, that's a different story entirely. The reality star has been a fashion victim so many times, I'm pretty sure she could launch a new fashion division for Life Alert. Honestly, I'm beginning to wonder whether she knows how to wear clothes at all. Take the skintight blush number she wore to the launch of her new fragrance last night. Let me just put it this way: It made her look like a certain part of the male anatomy. Yeah, it was that bad.


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Kim Kardashian blush dressThe 34-year-old reality star squeezed her famed curves into a strappy PVC number for the launch of her new perfume, Fleur Fatale, in Melbourne, Australia. It was bad. First of all, the dress was much too tight on the reality star. I get that it's made of PVC and is therefore meant to hug a woman's curves, but dang! The traje, made by fetish fashion designer Atsuko Kudo, was pretty much strangling the reality star's breasts. They looked like they were trying to make a run for it. I feel bad for them. I hope they eventually made it out okay.

Then there's the dress's color. I get that blush is totally in these days, but the color completely washed the reality star out. In fact, between her blush dress, blush lipstick and honey skin, the woman looked like any host of unflattering things, including but not limited to: a penis, an earth worm, a Troll doll with good hair, an uncooked breakfast sausage, a tube of blush lipstick, a thumb, and a toe. In other words, it wasn't her best look. Though, I will give her this: her shoes were fierce! The nude suede pumps were to die for, though they weren't enough to rescue this dreadful look.

I'm beginning to think fashion is Kim's kryptonite. Though she's had her fair share of fashion hits, it appears the woman has had a helluva lot of misses. That said, this look was definitely one of her worst to date. It makes the gorgeous brunette look like she's trying too hard. I don't get it. She's gorgeous, sexy, and pretty much flawless. Believe me, she doesn't have to dress up like a giant penis to prove the world that she's walking sex in heels. We get it! 

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