Slutty celebrity outfitsI'm always so offended whenever someone tells me I don't dress like the "typical Latina woman." What exactly does that mean anyway? I've been told I'm stylish but modest. It's true, you won't catch me dead in a deep plunge dress or a bandage number so short it hits slightly below my ass. But still, I almost want to tell the person throwing me the backwards compliments that Latinas don't actually dress this way. But once the holiday parties start to ring in you'd be surprised what some chicas will show up in!

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One of the few things I hate about the holidays are my Instagram feeds. I'm always so shocked at some of the scandalous outfits some women find appropriate for parties. So it's not an office party. That doesn't mean you have to wear the shortest dress you can find. There are ways to look sexy and stylish without going overboard. Here are 12 outfits you should never wear to a holiday party—I don't care how casual it is!

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Super sheer 1

Super sheer

image via Splash News

Because showing your nipples is NEVER okay!


Crazy cut-outs 2

Crazy cut-outs

Image via Splash News

Um, what’s the point of wearing clothes if you’re going to show this much skin?



Sparkly nipple covers 3

Sparkly nipple covers

Image via Getty Images

Jut because your nipples are covered doesn’t make it okay to show this much boob in public--forget your next holiday party.

Sheer and underwear 4

Sheer and underwear

Image via Splash News

We want to see what’s underneath the Christmas tree--not your dress!


Double-slits 5


Image via Erica Mena/Instagram

No one should be able to tell you just had a bikini wax just by looking at your dress.


Too-tight 6


Image via The Real Tahiry/Instagram

If your curves look like they’re about to bust out of your dress, then that’s a sign it’s a tad too tight.


Leggings 7


Image via Emily B/Instagram

Leggings are not jeans. I repeat leggings are NOT jeans!

Deep-plunge 8


Image via Getty Images

Don’t even think about going to a work or family party looking like this.



Blazer with no shirt 9

Blazer with no shirt

Image via Getty Images

When did it become okay to wear a blazer without a top or bra?

Cut-out jumpsuit 10

Cut-out jumpsuit

Image via Getty Images

This is a nip-slip waiting to happen.


Too short 11

Too short

Image via Erica Mena/Instagram

If your dress is so short it barely hits past your ass then there’s a problem.

Side-slit 12


Image via Eiza Gonzalez/Instagram

Yeah, I can’t see that working anywhere.