Say what you want about Kim Kardashian, but the girl definitely knows how to get people talking, not to mention hating, on her. By now you've properly already seen that oiled-up bare butt of hers on the cover of Paper magazine. I'm convinced her goal is to make magazine-cover history. Remember that naked GQ spread she did a few months back? The point is, people love to hate on Kim. And one of the many reasons behind that (besides being her lack of talent) is the fact that we all secretly want her amazing hourglass bod!'

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There's a reason why Kim is always showing off her ass and it's because she knows that behind all the trash-talking is a world full of women who would pay to have her curves. The truth is, the hourglass figure is still one of the most desirable shapes to date. Every chick wants big boobs, a big butt and a teeny tiny waist--most of us anyway! But if you're on the slimmer side (like me) or have a big bust and booty but not a very defined waist--don't worry girl! There are ways to fake a hot hourglass figure--whatever your body type. Find out how with some of my styling tips below!

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Peplum top 1

Peplum top

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A peplum top cinches in your waist, hides a pesky panza and adds shape where you need it., $20


Paneled dress 2

Paneled dress

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A structured dress with contrasting black contoured panels on the side highlights and enhances your waist and gives the illusion of killer curves., $105


Circled skirt 3

Circled skirt

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A circled skirt that flares out instantly creates curves., $35

Ruffled dress 4

Ruffled dress

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Feminize a boyish frame with a dress that featured strategic ruffled details., $140


Waist-length jacket 5

Waist-length jacket

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Rocking a jacket that hits right at your waist flatters curves without over-emphasizing your hips., $60


Belt 6



Want a smaller-looking waist? Add a belt to whatever you're wearing., $16


Flared jeans 7

Flared jeans

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Flared jeans slims legs while adding shape., $78

Pencil skirt 8

Pencil skirt

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If you've already got the voluptuous hips, accentuate them with a ribbed pencil skirt. It will draw attention to your small waist too., $17


Scoop neck dress 9

Scoop neck dress

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A flared dress with a scoop-neck helps balance curves, making your figure look more hourglass., $70

Color-block dress 10

Color-block dress

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I love the way a colorblock dress contours the body. The white waistband gives the illusion of cinching while the side panels draws the eye to all the right places., $98