Chiquis Rivera shows off her chichis in super low-cut gown

chiquisChiquis Rivera is never one to shy away from showing off her curves. A few days ago, Chiquis attended Premios de la Radio 2014 and looked absolutely glamourous on the red carpet. She knows how to turn up her inner Beyonce and we don't hate her one bit for it. Could her new diva look be revamped up because she's newly single? Probably. We have the chismes!  


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Chiquis was always really secretive about her boyfriend and never revealed his identity to the media, but we know he is a music executive. Earlier this summer, she did confess to wanting to start a family and get married. Apparently, things have changed since then. In a recent press conference, Chiquis revealed to reporters:

I just ended a relationship of 3 years. We are still friends, but decided to take a break. I think it's so hard in this business to have a healthy and stable relationship with someone. I'm so busy too! We love each other very much and I don't know what will happen in the future, but for now we are taking a break as friends.  

Maybe that's why she rocked this super sexy dress with a deep-plunge neckline. Chiquis managed to take a selfie of herself on the red carpet while fans cheered her on in the background. I'm sure she managed to get her ex's attention in this dress! She looks amazing. It's also nice to see that she has been able to keep the weight she lost off.

Chiquis should enjoy singlehood for now. She has her new single "La malquerida" coming out and is preparing for an upcoming tour. A novio is the last thing she should be concerned about. Work it, Chiquis! 

Images via Chiquis Rivera/Instagram

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