Iggy Azalea accidentally flashes everything at bar mitzvah!

Iggy Azalea suffered a pretty mortifying wardrobe malfunction the other day that wound up making some 13-year-old boy's bar mitzvah party very VERY happy. This girl was right in the middle of a performance (shaking her big booty and all) when all of a sudden her pants split. And I don't mean a subtle rip, girl. I'm talking right in the crotch area. Worst part is, she had no panties on!


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I'd hate to have my pants rip in the middle of trying to drop it low. But that's exactly what happened to poor Iggy Azalea. The Aussie rapper was busting some serious moves when her pants started to rip. She was literally bent down with her legs open when it happened and she accidentally flashed her ladies' parts for everyone at the party to see. I'm pretty sure those pre-teens boys weren't expecting that. They must have been thrilled!

Cool thing is, Iggy didn't let it get her down. She literally kept on going, ripped pants and all. But considering she was getting low with her legs spread wide open, something tells me she failed to notice the rip. I mean, would you open your legs wide in front of an audience if you knew your vagina was all out and about?

I could sit here and judge her for not wearing panties to a bar mitzvah but I'm not. It's not like she had on a short skirt or dress. She was wearing pants and probably didn't want to deal with panty lines. The point is she probably didn't wear undies because she didn't anticipate something like this happening. Who would? But I will say one thing though. She might want to start investing in some good thongs! Going commando is usually never a good idea.

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