Fashion fail: Jennifer Lopez looks crazy in this horrible pant suit

Jennifer Lopez is known for pretty much being able to pull off any look. But that outfit she was spotted wearing at the Orpheum Theater to judge American Idol's Hollywood Week was NOT working for her. The Bronx diva had on a grass green two-piece that just made absolutely no sense to me. It was literally a cropped blazer with matching trousers that had a really awkward fit. The only thing I liked were those black suede Christian Louboutin cutout booties she accessorized with. You're going to freak when you see the whole look!


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Don't get me wrong I'm all for cropped tops but what Jennifer had on was not a cropped top. It was more like a cropped blazer. That alone was confusing. But the tip of the iceberg were those funky pants. They didn't even fit her right. They were loose and tight in the weirdest places. What was that?

I get that J.Lo likes to constantly show off her amazing abs--who wouldn't? But the structured separates and the fit weren't all that flattering. I loved the emerald green shade though and it's proof that J.Lo was definitely trying to stand out. You couldn't miss her with that color on. But I'm sorry to say this outfit just wasn't cutting it. The trousers made her hips look wider and hid that super toned booty of hers.

I'm a big fan of J.Lo's fashion so you could imagine how disappointed I was when I saw this. It's not the first time she commits a fashion fail though. Did you see that strange, high-collared dress she wore in August? It's two times too many already.

I will say one thing though, Jennifer definitely knows how to be a risk taker. The girl has a lot of fun experimenting with fashion and looks confident wearing just about anything. And it's great to try new things but it's also important to wear garments that flatter your figure. Isn't that the whole point of clothes? Those red-bottoms were pretty awesome though. They're the only part of her outfit I actually liked!

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