Kim Kardashian wears a top that shows everything!

We all know Kim Kardashian's casual wardrobe is just as jaw dropping as some of her red carpet looks. The reality television star recently rocked a backless white top while on a movie date with her husband Kanye West. She really makes us want to up our date night estilo! Kim K loves showing some skin, but this outfit is one of her sexiest and most revealing yet. It could be so easy to make this getup look tacky, but Kim actually managed to pull it off. 


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I honestly doubt that Kanye was paying much attention to the movie! Kim K paired the tight backless long-sleeved top with ripped cut-off jeans and camel-colored pumps. That is pretty impressive considering that I usually go to the movies in a sweatshirt and jeans most of the time. 

You got to give it to her, Kim always knows what to wear to get our attention. I actually think the outfit is pretty tasteful since it isn't really as much cleavage as she normally chooses to show. Sure,  here rear is hanging out, but when isn't it? I think it just naturally (or unnaturally) demands our attention. 

After hitting up the theater, Kim was snapped ordering food at a Taco Bell drive-thru. Now, how does she maintain this type of figure while ordering fast food?! Life just isn't fair. If I had a gordita for lunch I would be feeling my pouch expand to the size of a baby. Not to mention, I would not be able to wear an outfit this tight and feel comfortable. Of course, she pulls it off like a pro.

Oh Kim, you never cease to amaze us in more ways than one. 

Image via Getty Images, DailyMail Online

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