Every chick knows that panties with breathable fabrics (a.k.a cotton) are the way to go when it comes to your vaginal health. And yet we still buy lace, nylon and even satin panties that are basically a yeast infection waiting to happen. There's a reason gynos tell us over and over again to stick with 100 % cotton underwear. It's literally the only breathable panty option out there. Synthetic fabrics tend to trap heat and moisture, creating a nasty breeding ground for bacteria that could lead to a yeast overgrowth or bacterial infection. But the problem is most cotton panties are NOT cute!

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Just because your underwear needs to be 100 % cotton doesn't mean they have to look like granny panties. Yes, a lot of the cute ones come in spandex/nylon blends but there is such thing as sexy cotton panties--believe me. Keep in mind that the important part is the crotch panel. You can buy cheeky lace undies, just make sure it has a 100 % cotton panel in the middle, unless you don't mind waking up the next morning with an itchy vagina and thick, white discharge. Here are 10 sexy panties that won't--I repeat won't--give you a yeast infection!

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Hanky Panky 1

Hanky Panky

Image via Hankypanky.com

This lacy, Hanky Panky Tapestry Print V-Kini Panty is like nothing else out there. They're super sexy but the under lining is made with 100 % cotton so that your vagina takes healthy and comfortable all day. Hankypanky.com, $32


Knock out 2

Knock out

Image via Knockoutpanties.com

The Knock Out Smart Panties Lacy Panty has a patented cotton liner that helps to absorb everything. I'm talking discharge, spotting, even drops of urine if you're the kind of chica that lets out a little pee when you laugh. Yes, they're THAT good! Knockoutpanties.com, $28


Victoria's Secret 3

Victoria's Secret

Image via Victoriassecret.com

How cute is this Lace-Waist Brief Panty? It's pure cotton with a little lace across the top. Just what your vagina ordered. Victoriassecret.com, $11

Gap 4


Image via Gap.com

I personally don't find lace panties comfy, but they add an instant sexy factor which is why I love these Low-Rise Lace-Trim Hipster panties. So cute! Gap.com, $13


American Eagle 5

American Eagle

Image via Ae.com

These super soft, floral-print panties are too cute to be cotton, right? But believe me girl--they are! Ae.com, $10


H&M 6


Image via Hm.com

Who says you have to spend $30 on a sexy 100 % cotton panty? These cute cotton briefs are five for10 bucks! Hm.com, $10


Cosabella 7


Image via Nordstrom.com

Show off that Brazilian wax with this sexy Cosabella Ravello Brazilian Minikini. It features a sheer lace panel but a cotton under lining that will have your man AND your va-jay-jay happy! Nordstrom.com, $38

Spanx 8


Image via Spanx.com

Yes, there's shapewear out there that won't give you a yeast infection. That's why you need to try Spanx Spoil Me Cotton Panty. Serious tummy control without the pesky side effects. Spanx.com, $40


Kohl's 9


Image iva Kohls.com

Boyshorts can be sexy too--hello! Kohls.com, $9

Lane Bryant 10

Lane Bryant

Image via Lanebryant.com

Got a big booty? Show it off with this sexy lace back cotton brief panty! Lanebryant.com, $15