Can caffeinated underwear really erase cellulite & blast fat?

We love our café, but could it be possible that it loves us back enough to blast our cellulite and chichos? A new caffeinated shapewear collection by Wacoal claims to target our stubborn problem areas thanks to a material infused with caffeine micro-capsules. The company claims to have "Novarel Slim yarn technology," which helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and tightens skin. Does this also mean it smells like café con leche when we pass gas? The embarrassment!  


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Unfortunately, that is not the reason many consumers aren't fans of the product. Despite it being an amazing marketing ploy, the makers, Wacoal America and Norm Thompson Outfitters, are getting sued by two consumers who claim the caffeine underwear doesn't reduce cellulite or promote weight loss. The "revolutionary" underwear sold for $49 to $79 and promised to make you lose weight without even trying. The women believe the marketing promise was "consumer fraud, breach of warranty and unjust enrichment."

Pero, let's stop and use our common sense! Underwear is meant to protect our bodies and isn't suppose to have any food-infused chemicals in it. What happens when you stick your panties in the wash? The caffeine juices disappear along with your sweat and other nastiness.

The director of The Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Consumer Protection, explained in a statement, "If someone says you can lose weight by wearing the clothes they are selling, steer clear. The best approach is tried and true: diet and exercise." Yes! What she means is if someone tries to sell you caffeine underwear then use your common sense and just go for the regular cotton ones that won't have you smelling like your morning brew for no freaking reason.

The company is expected to make refunds of about $1.5 million. Hopefully people get their money and we can all forget that caffeinated underwear was ever a thing. 

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