Bad fashion fails happen to good celebs all of the time--especially when they are constantly trying to expose their bodies. Showing skin is sexy, but there is a thin line between looking on point and suffering from a fashion disaster. Short shorts are one of those fashion trends that leave many celebs looking really bad.

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Seriously, who wants to see your butt cleavage hanging out? Here are ten celebs who shouldn't be wearing short shorts--ever! 

Image via Getty Images

Selena Gomez 1

Selena Gomez

Images via Splash

We guess Selenita was trying to get some attention from her on-again off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber when she decided to rock these short shorts. They look like average ripped shorts from the front, but the back was exposing major butt cleavage. Ay, no mi'ja. That is not a good look. 


Bethenny Frankel 2

Bethenny Frankel

Image via Bethenny Frankel/Instagram

The reality television star caught major heat when she posted a photo of herself wearing her 4-year-old daughter's pajamas. “This is my daughter’s night gown and PJ shorts,’’ she proudly wrote. This isn't cute--it's creepy! Even Hello Kitty would call this a fashion fail. 


Christina Aguilera 3

Christina Aguilera

Image via Getty Images

We love Xtina, but this look is just not working for her. These white shorts look more like diapers than anything else. Not sexy. 

Iggy Azalea 4

Iggy Azalea

Image via Getty Images

The curvy rapper was recently performing in California with these short shorts that let everything hang out. Petting her private parts in front of the audience makes it even more of a fashion fail. ¡Fresca!


Zoe Saldana 5

Zoe Saldana

Image via Getty Images

The now pregnant celeb hardly ever has a fashion "don't" moment. We love our girl Zoe, but these tight black leather shorts are just not working for her. Retire them or give them away to your worst enemy. 


Rihanna 6


Image via Getty Images

Riri is the ultimate fashionista. She takes risks, sets trends and honestly doesn't care what any of us think. Of course, we can still judge her anyway. These short shorts look more like lingerie, girl! 


Alessandra Ambrosio 7

Alessandra Ambrosio

Image via Getty Images

Most of the time we stare at the Brazilian model with envy, but these are just not one of those times. Ambrosio's shorts are too pink, short and high waisted. Just a fashion fail in every way. Her legs still look amazing though...

Fergie 8


Image via Getty Images

The Black Eyed Peas singer's urban chic look would have worked if these shorts actually fit her. That thigh gap is just not cute. 


Kesha 9


Image via Getty Images

Kesha is just one of those locas that fully embraces her uniqueness. We get that she was going for the sexy cowgirl look, but the cut of the jean shorts are just awful. Are those denim granny panties? 

Lindsay Lohan 10

Lindsay Lohan

Image via Getty Images

We get that there's a pool party going on, but these shorts are just not doing Lohan any justice. They look more like boy-short underwear than anything she should be wearing in public.