isn't just for kids, it's for mommies-to-be too! Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you can't enjoy this fun, spooky holiday. Dress up your bump with some cute costumes and give your baby an early introduction to Halloween! Whether you're looking for something scary, pretty, or just clever, I got you covered. Check out a few of our favorites for inspiration!

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Image via iStock

Mama Bird and Baby Egg 1

If birds are your spirit animal or if you're nesting, give this adorably creative costume a whirl.



No Skin, Just Bones 2

No Skin, Just Bones

Image via Etsy.com

Not in the mood to go all out? Opt for a DIY Halloween iron on design ($13) like this super adorable skeleton one. It’s simple, but will definitely get the message across that a baby is on its way!



Bun in the Oven 3

Bun in the Oven

Image via Brit & Co

Yup, there’s a bun in the oven--and it’s yours! What a great way to embrace your bump on Halloween. 


Bursting Out 4

Bursting Out

Image via Cafepress.com

If you’re planning on laying low this year, stay in the Halloween spirit with this hysterical baby belly burster T-shirt ($20). I can’t really think of a better way to flaunt your bump!


A Pretty Troll 5

A Pretty Troll

Image via brit.co

Dress up like this good luck charm if you're gunning to win this year's Halloween costume contest! It's pretty simple to recreate. All you need to make this gem of a costume happen is a nude slip, a fake gem stone for your bellybutton, and a wild wig. Or, if you're like me, you can just let your hair air dry on a humid day and, boom, you have troll hair!



Snoopy 6


Image via thebump.com

It doesn't get more simple than this. All you'll need for this throwback cartoon costume is a white t-shirt and a few pieces of black felt. You get extra points if you can get your hubby to dress up like Woodstock!



Pumpkin Baby 7

Pumpkin Baby

Image via Parents.com

How creative is this? I especially love the adorable bow on top of the baby's head. If you're daring enough to bare your belly and stick a bobo in it, then this is the costume for you. Just grab a pacifier and some body paint, and go to town on your belly. But don't forget to take the sucky part of the bobo before pasting it on your belly. You don't want that thing stuck INTO your belly. Ay!


Thing 1 and Thing 2 8

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Image via costume_works.com

Why wait until after you've given birth to start dressing your Thing 2 up like you?

You can make this without any help from Thing 3 (aka your baby's papi). Just grab a pretty red dress, a purple wig, and attach a couple of custom-made name tags, and voilà! You have a picture perfect Halloween costume.



Scary Baby Bump! 9

Scary Baby Bump!

Image via Pinterest

Okay, this one is slightly disturbing but it gets extra credit for originality. No doubt you'll be the talk of the town with this creepy costume.

Wrecking Ball 10

Wrecking Ball

Image via brit.co

I literally LOL'ed when I saw this! Who doesn't love a good tongue in cheek Miley parody? Especially one involving a baby bump. All you'll need to make this amazing costume a reality is:
- a pair of black leggings or jeans
- a black t-shirt
- aluminum foil
- silver duct tape
- a chain
- a Barbie (to turn into Miley, duh)



Humpty Dumpty 11

This costume will be loads of fun to make with your older kids, especially if they're preschoolers. Have them paint your belly with their left over vampire makeup (you know you have it!), and decorate Humpty's wall with red paint and tape. Now all you have to do is step into the box and let your kids tell your neighbors, friends, and trick-or-treaters about how you've been holding onto your huevo all day.