Jennifer Lopez looks naked in revealing maxi dress

If I had a body like Jennifer Lopez's I'd probably walk around town naked. That's why I usually cut her some slack when it comes to those daring dresses she loves to wear. With a cuerpo like hers, who wouldn't want to show it off? But even I have to admit that sometimes Jennifer takes this a tad bit too far when it comes to her risky fashion. Did you see her outfit last night on American Idol? What was that?


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Jennifer showed up to the American Idol set last night rocking a Roberto Cavalli Zebra print maxi dress that left little to the imagination. This thing had so many cut-outs it showed everything from breasts, waist and even stomach. The plunge was so deep it sort of reminded me of that infamous Versace number she wore to the Grammys back in 2000. Not your typical maxi dress, right?

I really didn't understand this outfit at all. Like, what exactly was the look she was going for? First of all, we're already in October and this dress was definitely not fall appropriate. Secondly, was she trying to go boho or super sexy? I'm confused. And why so much skin? If it didn't have all those cutouts it would have probably worked. The only thing I liked about this look was that wide-brim hat--that's it!

As fabulous as I find J.Lo to be because I do find her fabulous. I'm starting to think she dresses a little too young for her age. After all, she is 45. Yes, I know she doesn't look 45. The woman can easily pass for 30. I swear she has a secret fountain of youth in her mansion somewhere. But even so, I think it's about time she starts covering up just a little, you know? I'm not saying she can't dress sexy, I'm just saying let's chill out with the cutouts and deep plunges J.Lo. There's ways to look sexy without showing so much skin!

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