Kim Kardashian's cut-out outfit takes things to a "hole" new level

Something tells me Kim Kardashian doesn't have a stylist and if she does, it's probably her husband, Kanye West. Seriously, could you see anyone else approving of the outfits she's been wearing lately? Take yesterday for instance. The girl hit up another Paris Week Show in the craziest ensemble I have ever seen her in. Kim wore a pastel pink, turtleneck crop top with holes all over it, paired with matching pants. I'm talking holes, like it look like she took a scissor and cut her clothes kind of holes. Tell me this doesn't have Yeezus all over it!


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Kim was spotted leaving the Royal Monceau Hotel in Paris with North West while wearing this really bizarre pink outfit. The whole thing was covered with cut-out holes and it looked so crazy not even that gorgeous, gray coat could save her. What the hell was she thinking?

Don't get me wrong, Kim has definitely worn her fair share of funky outfits in the past.  Ugh, remember that hideous chain mail ensemble she wore in March? Or that frightening floral print dress with matching gloves disaster she wore to the Met Gala when she was pregnant. That thing looked like an old-school sofa--¡Dios mío!

But this weird cut-out crop top and matching leggings is by far the worst of them all. And if you think Kim got this off of a clearance rack or from a vintage shop you can guess again. Both pieces are Chanel. Crazy, right? Which means she definitely paid a pretty penny for them.

Think this looks bad? Wait until you see the back. It looks INSANE! Who wears this kind of outfit while traveling? I guess someone who constantly needs to be making a statement like Kim, right?

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