Everytime I see a picture of little North West it makes me squeal. She is just the cutest nugget and I have to admit, she might just be my favorite celebrity baby right now. Ok, maybe a close second to baby Milan, mainly because he's a straight-up genius and my love for Shakira knows no bounds.

North and Kim were recently spotted out and about for the Givenchy show, whom you may recall also designed Mrs. Kardashian West's wedding gown. But the best (or worst) part wasn't even that North West has officially been to more Paris Fashion Week shows than I could ever even dream of attending and is only a year old, no--the best part by far was the matching sheer black blouses on both mommy and her mini-me!

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The Parisians who were also at the Givenchy show to see Ricardo Tiscci's latest fashions may not agree. A report broke today that tons of regulars at the Paris Fashion Week shows think that Kim and Kanye are totally tacky and do NOT approve of them bringing little North to any shows. Fact is, front row at a fashion show might not be the best place for a toddler, but from the looks of it North has behaved herself incredibly well--better than those rude booers at the Lanvin show at least!

I get it, Kimey bring paparrazzi and a media circus everywhere they go, plus, apparently designers have been holding up the start of the shows since they occupy prominent first row seats and they don't want to start without their most famous fixtures in their seats. I can see where the aggravation comes from, but come on! Just look at that teeny tiny sheer shirt! Have you ever seen anything cuter?!

Click through this slideshow to see the cutest photos of Baby North and Kim Kardashian in matching outfits.

Image via Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Additional reporting by Sugey Palamores

Denim style 1

Denim style

Image via Splash

North was definitely giving good face in this all denim outfit while on her way to San Francisco with her mom. 


Casual grey 2

Casual grey

Image via Splash 

Kim loves to rock casual matching outfits with her daughter North. The toddler was rocking a grey hoodie while her mom wore a cotton t-shirt in the same color. Cute! 


All black everything 3

All black everything

Image via Splash

North is getting sassy in this cute black dress and matching shoes. Like mother, like daughter! 

Crazy for ivory 4

Crazy for ivory

Image via Splash

Kim lovingly held Nori during a shopping trip earlier this summer. We can get she will have great fashion taste when she gets older! Her little white dress is way too cute. 


Back to white 5

Back to white

Image via Splash

Kim and North look like a super glam pair in white pants and shirt. Of course, North's shirt isn't a cropped sexy one. That would just be weird. 


Rocker status 6

Rocker status

Image via Splash 

Nori was playing up the paparazzi in this stylish leather skirt. The entire familia is matching in black! 


Beach ready 7

Beach ready

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim and Nori even match when they head to the beach! At least the baby wasn't rocking that type of sexy bikini.