Sofia Vergara teaches us her picture perfect pose

Sofia Vergara always knows how to work her charm and beauty. The Colombian bombshell recently hit up Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live alongside Sam Rockwell. Of course, the men in the clubhouse wanted to pick Sofia's brain about how to flaunt her assets in the best light possible. Specifically how to pose so your butt always looks amazing in a photo. This is all valuable information every woman should know. Thanks, Sofia. You always deliver when it comes to this type of stuff.


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In a segment called "Teach Me Your Talent," Sofia's butt posing was put to the test. Yes, the new money shot is all about the rear! Surprised? We aren't. The Modern Family star mentioned that the first tip to a great ass shot is to rock a form-fitting pencil skirt. Sure, that makes sense. Then you "plump it" and pop. Wow, that is really life changing right there!  I'm sure she just saved us from taking nasty belfies. Phew.

This is really cute and everything, but can we have a conversation with Sofia Vergara that does not involve her body for once? Yes, she is hot as hell and her beauty is age-defying, but I'm just so over the butt questions. I mean Sofia is easygoing enough that she goes with the flow, but the interviewers just need to give it up already.

During a recent interview with Meredith Vieira, the journalist also asked her about the famous shot of Sofia's now boyfriend Joe Manganiello checking out her rear during the White House Correspondent's dinner. She said, "Somebody sent me the pictures and I confronted him about it and he was like, 'Yeah, I can't excuse myself. I was there.'" And now they are dating!

What I love about this is that she confronted him about being a little creeper. It shows that she has a sense of humor about her sexiness, but she does try to be tasteful about it. Of course, sometimes it makes us cringe, but this time around it was all in the name of a good laugh.

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