We're definitely living in the era of the big butt, there's no question about it.  Maybe we should thank Jennifer Lopez.  Her new music video, "Booty" with Iggly Azalea definitely confirmed that. And if that's not convincing enough, all you have to do is look through other music videos like Beyonce's "Partition," Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" or some of your favorite celebrity's Instagram pages. Did I mention everyone and there mother is getting butt injections these days? Funny thing is, for most of us Latinas this whole big-butt loving thing is nothing new. We've always had butts and we've always embraced them!

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I may not have a J.Lo booty but I was definitely blessed with some junk in the trunk and I got my Dominican mom to thank for that. But like most Latinas I know, I struggle to find a pair of jeans that flatters my butt AND doesn't gap around my small waist. It's not easy finding a pair of denims that actually fits your butt. And for women with smaller behinds, it's hard to find jeans that make them look like they have any booty at all. But don't worry, I did some serious digging and found not one, not two, but 10 pairs of jeans that will make any butt look big and beautiful. Check them out!

Image via Levi.com

Toni Skinny jeans 1

Toni Skinny jeans

Image via Velvet-tees.com

A low-rise pair with strategically placed back pockets can give a flat butt more of a rounder shape. Velvet-tees.com, $167


Florence 2


Image via Dl1961.com

The micro-sculpting in these jeans gives your butt an instant lift. Who wouldn't want that? Dl1961.com, $178


Sky high jeggings 3

Sky high jeggings

Image via Ae.com

A super stretchy pair of high-waisted jeggings help tuck in a tummy and tone up your butt. Ae.com, $30

Bold Curve Skinny Jeans 4

Bold Curve Skinny Jeans

Image via Levi.com

These mid-rise jeans were specifically designed with the big-booty chick in mind. They hug your behind but don't gap around your tiny waist. Levi.com, $60


BDG Twig Super High-Rise Jean 5

BDG Twig Super High-Rise Jean

Image via Urbanoutfitters.com

These hi-rise jeans are hug every single curve and are even more comfortable than you could imagine. Urbanoutfitters.com, $59


The Booty lifter bootcut 6

The Booty lifter bootcut

Image via Justfab.com

Finally a pair of jeans especially to make you butt look bigger and perkier. Justfab.com, $49


Shaping Skinny Regular Jeans 7

Shaping Skinny Regular Jeans

Image via Hm.com

Give your booty a helping hand by looking for a pair of jeans that creates and helps fill out your backside. Hm.com, $50

Yummie Life Skinny 8

Yummie Life Skinny

Image via Yummielife.com

Not only do these mid-rise jeans tuck in your tummy but the back pockets gives the illusion of an instant butt lift. Love it! Yummielife.com, $118


Jeggings 9


Image via Yummielife.com

Want something more comfortable? Try these denim leggings. They feel just like leggings but with the look of a jean, giving you that bubble butt you've always dreamed of. Yummielife.com, &98

Curve skinny jeans 10

Curve skinny jeans

Image via Asos.com

Want to make your big butt to look rounder? Look for a hi-rise, stretchy style that going to make everything look tight and toned. Asos.com, $57