5 Tips for a stylish pregnancy

Zoe Saldana, Jessica Alba and Kourtney Kardashian all have one thing in common--they have amazing pregnancy style and know how to rock their baby bumps to the fullest! Thankfully, there are maternity style tips and tricks to help you look even more amazing while pregnant. You may have the glow, but let's just make sure your outfit is really fit for a style queen! 


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1. Flaunt some skin: That doesn't mean you have to wear a crop top or low-rise jeans (please don't). Instead, try showing off your extra cleavage with a V-neck t-shirt or scoop neckline. Revealing your neckline will balance out your weight and give people something else to stare at besides your baby bump.

2. Avoid bulky sweaters: We know winter is right around the corner, but that doesn't mean you have to throw on a Snuggie as your outfit. Stick to sweaters that are more fitted. If you are all about rocking the over-sized bulky trend, then be sure to pair it with a belt that will define your waistline.

3. Rock skinnies: Skinny jeans are a pregnancy outfit go-to! You can dress them up or down and they are super comfy. Stores like J.Crew now sell maternity skinny jeans that include an elastic waistband so the belly won't get in your way one bit.

4. Rock patterns and colors: Zoe Saldana is a huge fan of pairing her simple maternity style silhouettes with bold patterns and colors. It helps give that extra pop that will keep all eyes on you.

5. Accessorize: Adding cute statement necklaces and dangling earrings will bring out your hair and that perfect pregnancy glow. Be prepared for the compliments coming your way!   

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