Kim KardashianKim Kardashian is doing an excellent job at keeping herself relevant this week. Between that hideous two-piece, leotard ensemble she wore at the GQ Men of the Year Awards and that naked photo shoot, there's no getting this woman out of our heads. She's got fashion fails and nudity, the only thing Kim's missing is a wardrobe malfunction. Oh wait, she actually did experience a slip up yesterday and it was a bad one to say the least!

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Kim was spotted in London yesterday leaving Claridge's Hotel wearing one of the looks from her new Lipsy clothing collection. She had on a black and white leather peplum top with a matching pencil skirt that was way too tight for her big butt. It literally ripped on her. How embarrassing!

This isn't the first time Kim experiences a wardrobe malfunction like this. I feel like this happens ALL the time! That's because the girl doesn't seem to know how to dress for her body--especially that big butt of hers!

Having a big butt is great, but you can come across a few fashion problems. It can look great in the right clothes and extra skanky in the wrong ones. Here are 7 things you should never wear if you have a lot of junk in the trunk!

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Jersey pencil skirt 1

Jersey pencil skirt

Image via Getty Images

Pencil skirts are perfect for a big butt, but look for one with a more structured material. Thin, jersey fabrics aren't always flattering.


Too short dresses 2

Too short dresses

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There’s nothing wrong with wearing a short, form-fitted dress, but if your butt is as big as Tahiry’s you probably shouldn’t go THIS short!


Booty shorts 3

Booty shorts

Image via Getty Images

Joseline Hernandez's butt cheeks are literally slipping out of these booty shorts. Not a good look!

White pants 4

White pants

Image via Splash News

No one says you can’t rock white pants, but look for a pair that's going to work with your butt, not against it. These trousers make Kim's booty look like she's wearing a big, baggy diaper!



Jumpsuit 5


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J.Lo is the only chica with a big booty that can get away with a skin-tight body suit and that’s because she wears them on stage!


Hi-rise jeans 6

Hi-rise jeans

Image via Instagram

Low-rise jeans don’t cover enough, and hi-rise ones can make your butt look wider, rather than perkier. Look how weird Emily B’s booty looks here! A mid-rise style is the most flattering style for a bigger behind.


Tribal leggings & suits 7

Tribal leggings & suits

Image via Getty Images

Sorry ladies, but if you have a big butt you probably shouldn't be wearing leggings in public (without a long top) or stretchy jumpsuits like this either. And the tribal print definitely doesn't help!