Selena Gomez lets it ALL hang out in the shortest shorts ever

Selena Gomez just wore the shortest shorts I have possibly ever seen in my entire life this week. I choose to see it as her cheeky way of telling the media to kiss her you-know-what in light of all the caca they've been spewing in connection with the Justin Bieber/Orlando Bloom fight that kind of, sort of went down in Ibiza last weekend.

Ever since then, there's been tons of speculation that not only was Bloom salty because little Biebs flirted with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr like a mad man when he performed at the Victoria's Secret fashion show last year, but also because Bloom was photographed taking a smoke break with Gomez at an LA night spot a few months ago. Who knows? But back to what matter: Selena's microscopic shorts. Wait until you see them from BEHIND!


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I can't help but notice this trend is exploding and I don't think it's only happening here in California. How many of you guys have noticed girls running around in cutoffs so short they basically look like panties? Yeah, that's what I thought. I really can't get on board with this look. I'm sorry, but there is a huge difference between sexy and skanky and I'm firmly of the belief that letting your butt cheeks hang out in any manner belongs in the second category.

So, Selenita, even if your sartorial choice was a clever way at getting back at the paparazzi who relentlessly stalk your every move, I still think it was a bad decision. You're a classy chica and you should present yourself as such. I know you're growing up and want to show off your sexy side, I get it. But seriously, it's possible to do that without leaving a bad taste in anyone's mouth. You're gorgeous and so is your body and I'm pretty sure I rocked some shorts when I was in my early twenties that probably gave my parents heart attacks, but I can honestly say that my butt cheeks have never, ever hung out the backside of any piece of clothing and they never will. So sorry Selena, but I'm gonna have to give you an F- for fashion FAIL for this outfit right here!

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