SEE: A dress your kid could make just sold for almost $300 THOUSAND on eBay!

If you have kids, chances are you know what loom bands are. Even folks that don't have kids know what they are. Come on, you know those colorful elastics every child on this planet uses to weave bracelets. They've become so popular it's NUTS! Well, one clever and creative mother from the U.K. decided to make an entire dress out of these things. Her friend put it up on eBay and you're not going to believe how much it sold for!


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Kathryn Burnand, a 50-year-old mom from the U.K. doesn't work due to her osteoarthritis, so she thought she'd make a few extra bucks by creating a dress out of loom bands. She was expecting to get maybe $85 at most, so you can imagine how shocked she was when she discovered her friend, Helen Smith, managed to sell it on an eBay bid for £170,000 (about $292,000).

Smith had her 12-year-old daughter model Burnand's size 4 dress and then put it on eBay. Close to 137 people bided on it and both women were stunned by the final price. "It cost about £45 for the bands and I was working on the dress for 45 hours over three-and-a-half weeks," Burnand said. "It's gone crazy. I would've been happy to make £50 profit, but this is ridiculous." I guess all those long hours of hard work paid off. But Burnand doesn't plan on keeping all of the money for herself, she's splitting it with her friend Smith.

"Me and Kathryn have agreed that the first thing we are going to do is go away for 24 hours and treat ourselves," Smith said. "We will split the money fifty-fifty all the way obviously after PayPal and fees have been taken out."

I still can't believe someone spent that kind of money on this dress. But it's like I said, people go insane for anything with loom bands these days!

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