It doesn't surprise me the least bit that Kim Kardashian sleeps in a corset to make her waist even smaller while she sleeps.

Considering the drastic measures she's taken in the past all in the name of beauty (vampire facials, cough), this is far from dramatic. Plus, what Latina hasn't slept in shapewear to slim down before?

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Still, this sounds kind of nuts. "She's going to bed in an eye-wateringly tight corset to shrink her waist. It makes sleep pretty much impossible," a source told Heat magazine. "She wants to lose 10 lbs before summer, whatever it takes."

Um, while sleeping in shapewear and fajas is nothing to most of us Latinas, I'm pretty sure we all would appreciate the ability to breathe and sleep. In fact, my abuelita did it, my mom did it and a lot of my primas and friends have done it in efforts to lose their post-pregnancy bellies. It's not a big deal for us especially today when there's so many comfortable styles out there, just make sure to be safe about it ladies.

Want to try it out? Here are five comfortable shapewear pieces you can sleep in!

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Yummie Life 1

Yummie Life

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This high-waisted brief doesn't just comfortably flatten your tummy but it also gives your booty some lift., $36


Cosabella 2


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Cosabella's Never Say Never Shaper Bikini Panty doesn't look or even feel like shapewear. But trust me, it might be comfortable but it still gives you tummy control., $62


Jockey 3


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Don't want to break the bank for a faja? Try Jockey Brief Shaper. It gets the job and won't cost you much., $10

Skinnytees 4


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Like sleeping in a cami & pajama pants? Get slim AND comfy with this cute and casual camisole. Perfect for post-pregnancy moms!, $26


Fig leave 5

Fig leave

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Who says you can't wear sexy shapewear to bed. Spice this up with this Vintage Luxe Slip., $20