WATCH: Guy dances into his pants in awesome viral video

jeansWhen I was a kid, I was far from a morning person which meant getting up for school and getting dressed was dreadful. Who wants to put on pants when you're snuggly tucked into bed? Exactly, NO ONE. But I came across a video in which a guy found a way to slip on pants without using his hands.

I'm not even kidding and it's quite impressive!


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Sometimes I'll come across interesting videos which teach me hacks for everyday life, whether it's for the kitchen or my makeup routine. However, I never found one that taught me how to put on pants without having to pull them up myself. Until now! Where was this solution when I needed it those early mornings when I was in high school?

l?pants videoThe hilarious video shows this man climbing into a pair of skinny jeans which he manages to put on without lifting a finger. Instead he wiggles into them all the way to the very top! He doesn't even touch them--not once. It's pretty amazing and it's viral for a reason!

If you're lazy like me to sometimes even bother putting on pants, this might change things up in your daily routine. Heck, if you want to show off your new trick to friends, I highly encourage it. 

Check out the impressive trick below!

Image via YouTube

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