SEE: TaTa Top bikini top makes NO sense

In case you haven't heard already, everyone is trying to go topless, all thanks to the Free The Nipple movement inspired by Bruce Willis' and Demi Moore's daughter Scout Willis. I understand the motives behind the movement, but I still have no plans of walking around NYC (or anywhere for that matter) topless with my nipples exposed for the world to see.

Sorry, but unless I'm breastfeeding or sunbathing on a beach somewhere, I have no reason or desire to display my nipples to strangers, I don't care how "liberating" this movement has become. This is why I find the new TaTa bikini top unnecessary and, quite frankly, pretty freaking stupid! Wait, until you see this thing?


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The new bizarre bikini tops were designed by Chicago-based feminists Robyn Graves and Michelle Lytle. It's a skin-toned colored bikini top with pink nipples on it that's obviously supposed to give the illusion of going topless. By the way, it also comes in medium and dark skin tones!

Each bikini top retails at around $28 and $5 of each sale is put towards a breast cancer research foundation. That part of it I find awesome, but do we really need to stroll around the beach with Ta Ta bikini tops to prove we should have as many rights as men?

Creator Lytle actually claimed in an interview with Salon that the point behind the Ta Ta Top is to expose people to the idea of going topless. Um, if you want to expose people to the idea of going topless, why not just go topless? Do we really need a bikini top to get this message across?

Going topless isn't something I ever see myself doing, but I don't judge women who want to go out in the public world and show off their ta-tas . That's on them. However, I do judge anyone who walks around with this hideous and ridiculous looking bikini top. It just proves that you want all eyes on your nipples but don't have the balls to actually expose the real thing. Pick a side! Either go topless or don't!

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