SEE: Jennifer Lopez's wardrobe malfunction almost showed EVERYTHING!

Did you catch Jennifer Lopez and her performance at the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party this weekend? She rocked this super sexy tropical-themed bodysuit that didn't just remind me of her "Jenny From the Block" days, but seriously flattered her figure. Her boobs looked perky, her waist looked tiny and her butt looked amazing, of course! She would have looked perfect if it wasn't for that embarrassing wardrobe malfunction! Did you see it? Check it out below the break!


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J.Lo was working that body suit during her iHeartRadio performance at Fontainebleau in Miami Beach, Florida this weekend. She danced her butt off too. Only issue was, she did suffer a not-so-cute wardrobe malfunction while she was busting her booty-shaking dance moves. If you look closely, it looks like she paired the body suit with nude textured stockings and I guess those stockings ripped because she was definitely rocking a big hole in her butt area. That sucks!

We're still not sure if Jennifer was even aware of the wardrobe malfunction because she kept performing like nothing. Maybe she didn't notice? Or maybe she just didn't care is more like it. Regardless, she was still working it and doing her thing. Let's face it, not many people (including celebrities) can pull off a muli-colored body suit accessorized with oversized safety pins ... except maybe Beyonce. Even with a hole on her booty she still looked fab!

Image via Jennifer Lopez/Instagram, Getty Images

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