It seems like workout tech tools have become the norm of today and I don't just mean for elite athletes and trainers either. Devices like Jawbone and Nike's Fuelband have become increasingly popular. So it was only a matter of time before the new Athos workout pants came out. Never heard of them? They're basically fitness pants that monitor your heart rate and calorie burn and tells you how hard you're really working your muscles throughout your workouts. Pretty impressive, no?


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The company is based in San Francisco and claims that their mission was to help people who can't afford a personal trainer or want to learn how to better monitor their workout sessions. "It's meant to give you that insight that you couldn't get otherwise," one of the founders, Dhananja Jayalath, told

So how does this thing work exactly? It contains 16 embedded sensors (no wires) that sends signals when your muscles are activated, that travels within the clothes to the Core and from the Core, wirelessly to your iPhone. How amazing is that? The mobile app lets you know which muscles you're actually working while also counting your reps, tracking your heart rate and your calorie burn count.

It's mind-blowing. But considering I have a hard enough time getting 2-3 days of cardio in a week, I think I'm just going to stick to some cute but innovative workout pants. Check out some of my favorite ones below!

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