Faja jeans are here & they are amazing!

Girl, you might want to sit down for this one. I know how much you love your fajas, so I wanted to be the first one to share the big news with you. Now you can wear jeans that don't show off those pesky chichos and that won't make you feel self-conscious about your full thighs because Spanx is coming out with their own denim jeans--set for release this coming July. Isn't that AWESOME! Okay, I'm going to give you a few seconds to process all this. Take a deep breath!


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You asked for them and now you're FINALLY getting them! That's right, now you can wear a pair of jeans made from the same technology found in one of the most successful shapewear lines that exists today. Let's be honest, every woman owns at least one faja (most likely from Spanx) that she uses as her ultimate style secret. You know, for those days you want to look a little smoother and a little toner. And I can't think of a better apparel piece to add some shapewear magic to than to a pair of sexy denims.

The jeans are created from a cotton, polyester and Lycra blend and come in a variety of styles from straight, skinny and even boot-cut, retailing at $148. That might sound like a lot of money to cough on just one pair of jeans, but something tells me it might be worth it. Spanx founder Sarah Blakely claims that her new denims aren't just about squeezing and suctioning in your lady lumps. She wants your clothes to look and feel right.

"I see Spanx as a lifestyle brand that is delighting women in making things fit better and feel better on the body, and not just through compression," she told WWD. "We're known for making you look thinner and more toned, but it can just be about a better cut and fit."

A pair of jeans with built in stomach control panels that makes you look like you have a flat tummy, a tiny waist and slim thighs sounds good to me. But is this thing as suffocating and compressing as Spanx's other products? I'm all for sucking it in and looking slimmer, but a pair of jeans that's going to squeeze the life out of me sounds uncomfortable and hazardous to my health--especially during the summer. I'm all for it, as long as I can easily pull these up without having to hold my breath!

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