If there's one thing I LOVE to see is real, curvy women strutting their stuff with sass and confidence. So of course I was thrilled when I heard that online bathing suite brand, SwimsuitsForAll was releasing a new summer calendar that features plus-size model Robyn Lawley, Curvy fashion blogger, Gabi Gregg and a ton of other gorgeous chicas with meat on their bones. You have to check out these hotties!


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It's no wonder plus-size modeling has become so popular lately, bikinis were totally meant for girls with curvy bods. Don't doubt that for a second! These ladies look sexy--booty, boobs, hips and all! It almost makes you wonder, why are us women so hard on ourselves when it comes to our physical appearance? Oh that's right we live in a society that views runway model thin as the equivalent of pretty. Well that's about to change, because I'm pretty sure a lot of fashion brands are going to feel differently about what they view as beautiful after taking a peep at this photo shoot.

And it gets even better. One of the shots in the calendar is a recreation of an iconic Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover that shows the models topless but all looking back. I'm telling you these ladies look SO good and bootylicious it's making me want to order like five of these things for my Bahamas vacation trip. Listen, if it's going to make my booty look like that--I'm sold!

What I love the most about this collaboration is that it proves that beauty really does come in all shapes and sizes. You don't need to be tall, lean and with a six-pack to look good in a bikini. It's all about how you wear that bikini and if you have the confidence to do so. I'll leave you with these sexy photos while I shop the entire collection!

Image via Swimsuitsforall/Instagram

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