6 Curvy fashion bloggers you need to check out

I'm always surprised when I hear women express how fashion is just for skinny girls. I find this especially ironic because most of my girlfriends are beautiful, stylish AND curvy. In fact, I'd consider most of them fashionistas. After all, who says you have to be a certain size to be fashionable? But unfortunately, there's a lot of curvy chicas out there that seem to believe that stylish trends just aren't for them, that's why I love that's there's so many full-sized bloggers out there taking the fashion industry by storm with their impeccable taste and super chic outfits!

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I did a quick search and couldn't believe the amount of plus-size fashion bloggers out there. There are a ton! Looking for some outfit-inspiration? Check out some of these curvy bloggers that are redefining the way we look at fashion!

Image via Girlwithcurves.com

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Johanna is the beauty and fashion staff writer at MamásLatinas and obsessed with all things beauty and fashion. She is a proud Dominicana and was born and raised in Queens, NY.

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