I am sick and tired of seeing my fellow Latinas walking around in low-rise, super stretchy, pocketless jeans. Seriously, when did this terrible style become a trend? It's a fashion tragedy! Not only are they tacky, but most of the time they're not flattering and look sort of sleazy too. And yet I still occasionally see chicas walking down the streets in these with absolutely NO shame at all. Why? I wish I could say this was the only fashion mistake I see us Latinas committing but unfortunately it's not!


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I'm a pretty creative fashionista, so I don't like to limit myself to rules and trends. But sometimes we need rules to prevent good looking women from looking all sorts of crazy. And as experimental as you might be, there are certain fashion "don'ts" no woman can get away with--not even celebs! Speaking of which, here are eight celebrity-inspired fashion mistakes every Latina needs to stop committing!

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