Once upon a time, fajas were something we thought were only for our old school mamás and abuelitas. Just the thought of owning shapewear (especially still in my 20s) seemed depressing to me. That is until I discovered that some of the hottest and most fit celebs swear by Spanx and shapewear. That's right girl, even Jennifer Lopez herself needs a little help smoothing things out every here and there. Don't be so quick to turn down the faja!


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Doesn't matter how old, young or thin you are--every chica should have at least ONE faja in her closet. Why? Because we all experience bloating and we all have days where we can use a little help hiding those lumps and bumps. Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not suggesting you cancel your gym membership and rock a faja all week long. Wearing shapewear on a regular basis can lead to organ compression along with a number of other health problems. But it definitely doesn't hurt to keep one in hand for special occasions. Still feeling weird about owning a faja? Here are six sexy celebs who rock shapewear with no shame!

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