I love shopping as much as the next chick, but that definitely doesn't mean I can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a new spring wardrobe. I might drool at the site of a pair of designer heels but that's as far as it goes. Breaking the bank for fashion isn't exactly a realistic option for most of us hard-working ladies. But, just because we're not rolling in money doesn't mean we can't look cute for spring!

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Don't stress girl, the deals are out there--trust me! Not convinced? Check out a few spring fashion goodies I found that all ring in under $40! Amazing right?

Image via Forever21.com

Floral-print skirt 1

Floral-print skirt

Image via Forever21.com

This floral-print skirt is so cheap, I might just stack up. You can easily dress it up or down too! Forever21.com, $18


Denim shirt 2

Denim shirt

Image via Hm.com

A denim shirt is a must-have for spring. Wear it with your bright-colored skinny jeans, A-line skirts and ankle trousers. Hm.com, $25


Midi-dress 3


Image via Asos.com

Here's a floral-print dress that works for both the office and happy hour. All you need is a light blazer and a pair of high pumps. Asos.com, $23

Chunky heels 4

Chunky heels

Image via Payless.com

This spring it's all about chunky high heels. These sling-back sandals are both comfy and cute. Love them! Payless.com, $30


Denim jacket 5

Denim jacket

Image via Hm.com

Who knew you could find a denim jacket this nice for less than 50 bucks? Wear it over your favorite summer and maxi dresses. Hm.com, $35


Printed pants 6

Printed pants

Image via Oldnavy.com

Trade your denim jeans for fun printed-pants. They're lighter, brighter and of course comfy. Oldnavy.com, $25


Floral kimono 7

Floral kimono

Image via Mango.com

Kimonos are the new blazers this season. Look for a bright and colorful one that's going to make all of your spring outfits pop. Mango.com, $35