Stiletto sneakers: Worst fashion idea EVER!

I think it's fair to say that most runway fashion trends aren't exactly practical. In fact, some of them are straight up ridiculous. Did you see the McDonald's inspired collection from Moschino's Milan Fashion Week show? That was just insane. But the new Adidas high-heeled sneakers takes impractical fashion to whole new level. Seriously, doesn't adding a heel defeat the entire purpose of wearing sneakers in the first place?


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Fashion designer Jeremy Scott (the same guy behind the McDonald's inspired line) teamed up with Adidas to design these new funky creations. I'm honestly extremely bummed out by this. I was so thrilled when I heard that Isabel Marant herself had ditched those stupid wedge sneakers that looked more like NASA astronaut shoes to me. But these Adidas stilettos sneakers are much MUCH worse! I just don't get it.

My fear is that this trend will blow up so big that even I would be forced into wearing them. I mean we've already seen Vogue Japan's Editor-At-Large Anna Dello Russo (pictured above) sporting a yellow pair. Who's to say pop stars like Rhianna, Ke$ha or even J.Lo (who rocked Timberland stilettos during her "Jenny from the Block" days) won't be next? After all, Katy Perry did wear a Moschino McDonald's inspired sweater dress with a matching Happy Meal chain strap purse at the U-Express Live press conference in Japan. So is it all a matter of time before we all own a horrid pair of high-heeled sneakers?

Boy I hope not! The only thing worse than a pair of Adidas stiletto sneakers would be high-heeled UGG boots. Let me stop before I give Jeremy Scott another wacky idea.

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