jennifer lopezWhen it comes to fashion, Jennifer Lopez is definitely full of surprises and unfortunately not all of those surprises are good. She wowed me earlier this week with that sexy black cutout dress by Cushnie Et Ochs. In fact, I'm still trying to find a similar version in my size and price range. But what in world was she wearing last night on American Idol? Homegirl showed up in the craziest lace outfit known to man. You have to see this thing!

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What exactly was the look J.Lo was going for last night? One thing's for sure: age-appropriate was definitely not on her list of fashion priorities. The 44-year-old mom wore a purple and nude lace crop top paired with a matching mini skirt that looked like someone just ripped off the hem. To make things worse, the top came complete with a leather collar and the skirt with a matching leather waistband. She paired it with a matching black leather clutch and black and purple pointy pumps. Can we say overkill?

jennifer lopezJennifer has a great set of rock-hard abs which she was obviously trying to show off, but this is NOT how you do the crop top trend. It looks like she literally took an old lace dress from her closet, ripped it in half and sewed on leather everywhere. Just because she has an amazing bod doesn't mean she can get away with wearing a tacky number like this. In fact, I think the only person that would get away with wearing an outfit this ridiculous is Miley Cyrus and MAYBE Rihanna, but definitely not J.Lo. She should know better!

Like I've mentioned before, I plan on watching the entire season 13 of American Idol just to see what Jennifer Lopez is going to be wearing. Let's just hope she doesn't disappoint us like this again!

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She still looks good in it
It's not her usual classic look but she still made it look hot!!

She's trying way too hard to keep up with the youngin's


Personally not my style but she looks nice in it 


Personally not my style but she looks nice in it 

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