Honorary Latina Lupita Nyong' o is amazing. I have to admit, I kind of have a girl crush on her. The 12 Years a Slave star, who's up for an Oscar this Sunday for Best Supporting Actress, is not only naturally gorgeous, but she's also quite the fashionista. I've been style stalking her since she hit the Golden Globe Award party in that breathtaking red crimson gown by Ralph Lauren. I don't think anyone on the face of this planet has ever looked that good in red--not even my favorite Latina celebs. Sorry Sofia Vergara!

Speaking of Latinas, did I mention that Lupita was born in Mexico? That's right, apparently her family moved there from Kenya. She may not be Latina by blood, but the chick is passionate about the culture and even speaks Spanish--so in my book she's an honorary Latina!


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I'm actually dying to see what she plans on wearing to the Oscars this coming Sunday. Considering her birthday is also this weekend, I'm pretty positive she's going to dress to impress! Check out some of her best looks so far!

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